After weeks of perusing, I finally hopped on the train to Blog Town! My name is Alex and I’m twenty years old and surviving my third year of college. I love acoustic music, old movies, taking pictures, and hanging out with the people I love. I’m a recent vegetarian and experimenting with fun new foods and recipes. I really love exercise (especially running) and honestly don’t feel complete until I do something active everyday. The rush of endorphines is unmatchable!

I have this amazing boyfriend named Carlton. He’s been my partner in crime for 3 years now and I can’t imagine lie without him. I live three and a half hours away from our home so we’re not together all the time, but distance matters not.

I’m an only child and I see my parents even less than Carlton. My mom is..undescribable. She is the most amazing woman I know. I’m very much like my dad which can be a good and bad thing. 😉 Kidding aside, he’s pretty darn fab as well.

Since I’m not with my real family anymore, I like to rely on my faux-family…hello roomies! I’ve known them since third grade and they’re pretty great.

 Overall, my days are pretty ordinary but I happen to like that and hopefully this blog can convey how I make it fun. 😉

So…why Happicakes?

It took me forever to come up with a blog name. I knew the concept I wanted but I wasn’t sure how to cleverly convey it through a name. I actually created another blog before this one but the name just bothered me. It was too narrow of an idea to truly capture what I wanted to do. Being healthy is so important to me. The way I think of it is that healthy and happy go hand in hand (they’re bff’s ya know!). Happiness depends on your health because your body is your temple. The Bible says so ya’ll. You have to treat it right! We all know how it feels to look in the mirror and not be satisfied with your “temple” but being happily healthy means you know it’s okay! Have FUN with cooking – ENJOY working out – SPLURGE a little and buy something cute – and most importantly, be HAPPY with who you are! You can have your cake and eat it, too. 🙂


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