The Five Must Do’s of Halloween

1 Nov

Holidays are not meant for only one day. We all know that Christmas begins on the day after Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving begins on the day after Halloween, and Halloween…well it started the day ABC Family began “13 Nights of Halloween”. 😉

Since some of us make a job out of stretching out holidays as much as humanly possible, I thought I would share what I consider the 5 things you must do before Halloween actually ends…the beginning of Thanksgiving.

Five Must Do’s of Halloween

1) Watch Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is basically the greatest Halloween movie EVER. Not only does it have three witches, two cute guys (whom you fall in love with as a 9 year old), a musical number, oodles of jokes that mean different things for adults ad kids, and one talking cat but it has a great life lesson about loving your family. Perfection! You must watch it once a year for the rest of your life..because you must.


2) Carve a Pumpkin

I have a confession. I am a terrible pumpkin carver. Lucky for me I have a boyfriend who is a master of squash sculpting. He helps me carve beautimous pumpkins that I post on facebook and claim as my own handiwork. 🙂 Even though it makes me wanna poke my eyeballs out sometimes, I love the time I get to spend in the perfect fall weather with the perfect pumpkin carver! And you will too..just pick an easier pumpkin design.

I did Snow White and Carlton did Albus Dumbledore (I know you’re jealous ;)).

3) Make Caramel Apples…with friends!

Can I just say that caramel apples are MAGICAL creations?? They are delicious and an absolute must to be Halloweeny. Especially when you put ghoulish sprinkley things on them. And less Halloweeny when you put the caramel pepperoni shaped thing on the wrong side of the apple…I hope you know what I’m talking about.

4) Make a Halloween Treat

This is a new addition to the list but after doing it this year I have to’s one of the best. Oh, and Halloween treats don’t mean bake-and-break chocolate chip cookies with candy corns on top..NO PLEASE! You must be creative! And daring! And scared! Not so much that last one but I was a little frightened after Carlton and I made Joy‘s Blood and Bones. (Meringue “bones” and “blood” hot chocolate) 🙂

I told you it was gross 😉 but sooo delicious!!

5) Participate in Trick-or-Treating

Welp, I fell a little short this year and couldn’t make number 5 happen. Ya see, I live in an apartment complex that is meant for college students…so there would be no trick-or-treaters :(. And I couldn’t trick-or-treat because I am twenty years old (which I’m told is grown up) and I have no children. So alas, I failed in this department. Next year will be different!!

So those are the 5 things you must do for Halloween! So take notes for next year…because only I would post this on November 1st. 🙂


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