Birthday and Good News

22 Oct

You know those days that are just GOOD? Well, yesterday was one of those days! 🙂

One of my roommate’s birthdays is Sunday and my other roommate and I really wanted to do something special for her. It took some planning and scheming, but we were able to surprise her with gifts and cake and a decorated apartment. It was HILARIOUS and fun!

We tied a "21" balloon to her pup's collar and she greeted her at the door..then ran away. Needless to say, she got her balloon and a laugh 🙂

Before I forget…

I recently posted about how scared I was about school and how my life plan was going to work out. Well…I GOT IN TO THE SCHOOL! Hallelujah. My major is now officially accounting 🙂 I’m so excited that I found out yesterday and could really enjoy my roomie’s birthday. It wouldn’t have gotten in the way of my fun, but what a relief to have a clear mind!

My other rooms and I made CAKES IN A JAR. Well, cakes in a beer mug ’cause its her 21st birthday. 😉 So fun!

aren't the cake in a jar and my roomie the cutesttt?

It was delicious and all of us were overcome with a rainbow sugar coma..sheesh we ate a lot!

We bought her the movie Sixteen Candles as part of her gift. She has NEVER seen an 80s movie and that was just not okay.

Most epic movie scene ever

It was such a fun birthday surprise with the best girl friends ever! I hope she had a great birthday because we loveee her! 🙂

Happy Birthday Roomie!! 🙂

Oh, and can I say that the reason my face is so squishy-excited…

Me: Let’s hug her really tight!

Birthday Girl: I’m glad the curtains are closed so no one can see.

Gah, love my life. 🙂


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