Life’s Road Bumps

18 Oct

This blog may be about living life at it’s happiest and healthiest but sometimes life just knocks you down. Expecting everything to be perfect isn’t realistic, and that is something I definitely struggle with. I truly think being mentally healthy is the hardest part of the “healthful life” we all want.

School has always been very important to me and luckily, always came easy for me. When I transferred to the University of Georgia in August as a junior, I thought I would continue in the same manner as I always have with school – Push myself and always get the desired results.

My school career is a series of “am i good enough”s and “will they accept me”s. Not only did I have to get into the university, I had to apply to a certain school IN the university. The J.M. Tull School of Accounting is one of the top ten accounting schools in the country and is highly competitive. I took some of the required courses before going to UGA and thought that the material covered would be the same. Wrong. The entrance exam to get into the accounting school covered things I had never seen before. For weeks, I put aside normal school work to study for this entrance exam. I emailed my old teacher, went to a tutor, begged people I knew for their notes…everything.

When I took the exam, I felt okay about it. I never have just felt okay about school work, and it really just took the wind out of me. All that hard work and I really had no clue if they would accept me or not.

I am a few days away from finding out my fate about school, and in the mean time I have been struggling with my everyday classes. My first round of tests went great and I thought I had the school thing in the bag again. Wrong. These past two weeks have been full of tests that once again knock the wind out of me. Not good grade am I satisfied with.

Does this mean I’m not good enough? Have I gotten in too deep? What if I was wrong about the plan for my life? Why am I not as smart as everyone else?

These unhealthy thoughts are consuming me and even though I know it isn’t healthy, my mind is past the point of caring. Life is really hard sometimes and being happy through it all is even harder. I’m trying to accept that which I cannot control and change what I can some points all I’ve been able to do is cry.

I’m sorry this is such a depressing post but I just wanted to be honest. :/ Even the girl with the blog about being happy and healthy has problems!

I know the hard parts will be worth it in the long run..but in the short run, these hurdles are hard to get over.

What are some ways YOU deal with disappointments? Is anyone else struggling with similar problems?


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